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About Us

Flourish Counseling is a team of therapists committed to providing compassion, acceptance, and care for people struggling with their emotional well being. Much more than therapists, we're fellow humans here to help you through a difficult time.

Through compassionate therapy, we help you go from being in a dark place to getting your life back from constant emotional struggles.

It is our belief that all people should be valued, accepted, and empowered and our best work is only possible when we collaborate with our clients in their healing.

We work everyday to help you handle the ups and downs in life. From difficulty connecting with others to losing the joyful feelings you used to have, we’re the therapists that can help you feel like your real self again after a long period of struggling to find a solution that works.


Our Story

Committed To Helping

Many people are scared of therapy and worried about what it’s going to look like or how it’s going to feel. Sometimes they imagine that it’s going to feel vulnerable, which is scary AF.

So when we formed our practice, we decided to help. Here at Flourish, we work hard at ensuring you feel safe. We’re not buttoned up, and clinical. Instead we’re just going to have a conversation and collaboratively guide your way towards healing. Along the way, you’ll swear, laugh, and cry during sessions. Come as you are.

Founded by Karen Gordon, LCSW in 2018, we are now a thriving practice with a team of multiple therapists. With each of us bringing our unique background and training, we serve a diverse range of clients to help them flourish.

flourish (v): to grow well, to be healthy

We Are Driven to Help People Find the Strength to Heal

At Flourish Counseling our core values are essential to who we are and how we help. Here are the values that guide us.

Helping Others is Why We're Here

We are honored to be able to help others and make a difference.

Always Collaborate

Our therapists collaborate with you because healing happens in different ways for different people. Respecting your individuality is what makes therapy work. We genuinely care for every client.

Support the Entire Person

For most people life gets chaotic, there are multiple roles to juggle, and challenges can arise across multiple areas of life all at once. We support all of who you are.

Foster Connection

Empathy is the starting point for creating community and building authentic relationships. We are dedicated to helping humans connect and stay connected.

Diversity and Inclusion Matter

We welcome clients of all cultures, races, abilities, sexualities, spiritual beliefs. In addition, our team strives to create a safe place for all people in acknowledgement that the world is not safe for many oppressed and marginalized identities. Diversity and inclusion are our strengths.

What Our Clients Say

We often hear the following feedback from people about working with our therapists.

We make space for each person in the session.
We helped them learn about themselves.
We helped them get to the root problems and solved those.
We helped them see it was possible to heal from trauma.
We gave them hope when things seemed really dark.

Let’s Help You Start Getting Your Life Back From Constant Emotional Struggles.

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